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If you’re looking for resources to learn more about watercolor painting, I post them regularly on my Patreon. You can subscribe for $5 a month, and in return you’ll get study materials, tips on my painting process, step-by-steps, and more. In addition, if you are interested in getting my direct guidance, I also offer two mentoring tiers on my Patreon, as explained below. But first, check out some of the content I provide most often to my patrons:

  • Timelapse Demos: I often record my painting and drawing process from beginning to end, and I provide an accelerated edition between 1 and 3 minutes long. These videos show how my general painting process works, although they don’t show specific procedures like brushstroke techniques. I don’t provide real-time videos because that’s what I do in my live and recorded workshops.
  • Step-by-steps: I post step-by-steps that walk you through my process of painting, usually to explain a specific topic or technique. These are not tutorials (read my disclaimer at the bottom of the page), but a behind-the-scenes look at the paintings I regularly post on Instagram.
  • Tips, Resources and Thoughts: In addition to my painting process, there are three types of posts I write most often: tips, resources, and thoughts. My tips are on subjects like brush strokes, use of colors and aquatic scenes. The main resource I make available is my Courseware in PDF, but I also explain some techniques like gamut masking and digital processing. Finally, I eventually write some reflections on my own work, showing everything from my sources of inspiration to interviews and philosophical thoughts that underlie my artistic work.
  • Q&A of my mentees: Every month I select some of the questions asked by my mentees and share my answers with all my patrons. In addition to allowing them to partially follow my mentorship, this Q&A dynamic allows me to improve the content of my Patreon, trying to address any remaining doubts.


  • $25 — Let’s paint together: collective mentoring. I will provide once a month: one photo reference for exercises; one short demo video (10-15 minutes long); feedback/direction to your work through a 1-hour collective call. In addition, I will also carefully answer your questions via email (only 1 per month, so you have to make a list of questions and send them all in one email).
  • $50 — Direct mentorship: individual mentoring. I will offer everything that is foreseen in the previous tier (following the same rules and conditions), but with an individual call (subscribers of this tier will also be able to participate in the collective call). The advantage here is that my guidance will be more personalized, mainly in the sense of prioritizing your particular goals from your own artistic itinerary.


I believe that artistic training can be less tortuous when we can count on the guidance of someone with more experience. Personally, I don’t know what “being self-taught” means. My father, who is also an artist, taught me to paint from when I was a child. I don’t even know how many painting courses and workshops I’ve taken since then. And if today, at 34, I already feel prepared to teach watercolor painting, it’s because everything I know I didn’t learn alone.

Also, as you may know, watercolor painting is definitely not the easiest and fastest thing to learn. It is, for instance, a lot more complex than digital painting: there is no undo button, or ability to go over the dark value with lighter one or replace some color you didn’t like which is already on the painting. The watercolor technique requires constant training, discipline and, above all, guidance and direction. That’s what I’m willing to offer with my mentorship here on Patreon.

I should just clarify that mentoring is quite different from a course or a workshop. First because the mentoring does not have a predetermined duration (you can come and go as you please). There is also no target profile: mentoring covers both beginner and advanced levels. But the main thing is that you can develop your knowledge at your own pace and find what works best for you, rather than feeling the pressure to learn every single lesson in a course or workshop.


  • About vacancies and waiting list. Both mentoring tiers have limited vacancies because I dedicate most of my time to the university where I work. And Patreon doesn’t allow any kind of waiting list. So, if you want to sign up for my mentorship and there are no vacancies at the moment, I suggest you sign up for the basic tier ($5) to access my content and stay tuned at the end/beginning of each month, when some mentees give up and open new vacancies,
  • About tutorials. I don’t offer tutorials because I don’t believe it’s possible to learn painting through tutorials. I have nothing against tutorials. I always use them to learn some software tool, to fix a household utensil, to renew the decoration of my house. But tutorials only teach specific tasks, not something like a painting technique I’ve spent my entire life practicing. Also, I’ve never met any artist who learned this way.
  • About my vacation. Every year I have two months (usually July and December) to take vacations, so there will be no mentoring and no posts in those months — you can stop paying, but if you were my mentee, your spot will remain open and can be filled by someone else.
  • About mentorship demos. Demo videos will summarize the complete process of a painting. The duration of each video will be around 10 to 15 minutes, with insertion of texts to explain the steps, and will only be available to mentoring subscribers. The purpose of the video is to guide the monthly exercise.
  • About mentoring calls. The mentoring calls will be only intended for feedback, not demos. The calls will be scheduled at least 1 week in advance, with a non-negotiable day/time (always in Brazilian time), and will always be recorded and posted on Patreon (for those unable to participate at that time). As the recorded calls are heavy files, I do only make them available until the next call, so the next recordings always replace the recordings from previous months
  • About dates and payments. Patreon is always billed in the first week of the month. So, to avoid anyone getting advice and not paying anything for it, calls are always scheduled for the beginning of the month after the demo, as well as emails will only be answered after the monthly payment.
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