“Our doing must determine what we leave undone; in that we do, we leave undone.” — Nietzsche

Marcos Namba Beccari

Dec 26, 1987 . São Paulo . Brazil . E-mail: contato@marcosbeccari.com

Marcos Beccari is artist, philosopher and professor at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), lecturing in the Graphic Design Course. He is also PhD in Philosophy of Education from the University of São Paulo (USP), MSc in Design and graduated in Graphic Design, both from the UFPR. Through Instagram, his paintings gained worldwide notoriety, especially for their technical realism and vibrant use of color. With a Baroque and Impressionist influence, his work makes reference to watercolor masters such as Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, Stephen Scott Young and Mary White. For attributing fluidity and spontaneity to the painted figures, Marcos Beccari is considered one of the exponents of the renovation of watercolor painting, having a production already prestigious by art societies and specialized magazines in the U.S. and Europe. Marcos Beccari lives in Curitiba, Brazil.

Solo exhibitions (1)
“Olhar submerso” (Fundação Cultural de Curitiba, 2021).

Collective exhibitions (2)
“ArtLife Fest” (ArtLife Moscow, 2020). “Same Rivers and Other Waters” (Collier West Gallery NY, 2019).

Solo books (4)
“Das coisas ao redor: discurso e visualidade a partir de Foucault” (Edições 70, 2020). “Sobre-posições: ensaios sobre a insinuação pictórica” (Áspide, 2019). “Antirrealismo: uma breve história das aparências” (Kindle Direct Publishing, 2019). “Articulações simbólicas: uma nova filosofia do design” (2ab, 2016).

Awards and honors (10)
Artist honored by the Public Ministry of the State of Paraná (MP-PR), through institutional materials (Brazil, 2021). 3rd place in the Design Editorial category at the Brasil Design Award, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Design Companies (Brazil, 2020). Artist honored on the cover of the French magazine L’Art de l’Aquarelle 41st edition (10-year special edition), simultaneously published in the American magazine The Art of Watercolor, 35th issue (France/USA, 2019). 1st place in the theoretical TCC category, and also 1st place in the practical TCC category, at the Bom Design Sul Award, promoted by proDesign/PR (Brazil, 2018). Artist honored in the book “The Watercolor Ideas Book”, by Joanna Goss, published by the Octopus Publishing Group (London, 2018). Miguel Dutra Medal at the 3rd Watercolor Salon in Piracicaba, promoted by the Miguel Dutra Municipal Gallery of Piracicaba-SP (Brazil, 2017). Works selected at the 12th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design, promoted by ADG Brasil and Adegraf (Brazil, 2017). Work selected for exhibition at the 30th MCB Design Award, promoted by the Museu da Casa Brasileira (Brazil, 2016). Artist nominated in the Top New Artist Names, promoted by Designcollector Network (USA, 2014). 1st place in the Graphic Design category of the Bom Design Sul Award, promoted by proDesign/PR (Brazil, 2010).

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